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UGC-Special Assistance Programme (DRS-II)


Corporate Governance and Securities Law

About UGC Special Assistance Programme

The SAP Scheme was initiated in 1963 by University Grants Commission keeping in view the recommendations of the Education Commission to facilitate the selected number of University Departments having some potential in research and teaching. The programme is intended to encourage the pursuit of excellence and team work in advanced teaching and research to accelerate the realization of international standards in specific fields. The major objectives of Special Assistance Programme is to identify and support university departments which have the potential to undertake quality teaching and research in various educational disciplines including allied disciplines, and to promulgate research in universities to be relevant to societal needs and have society and industry interaction.

About core area of the programme: Corporate Governance and Securities Law

The Indian corporate sector is undergoing a paradigm shift to tune itself to the changing corporate environment. Corporate sector has become major avenue for financial investment. India is encouraging corporate investments after the introduction of economic liberalization programmes. As a result, securities market in India has become a beehive of activities. Investment in corporate sector is made directly through corporate securities and indirectly through derivatives, mutual funds and collective investment schemes. They have become a major mechanism for resource mobilization. Law and practice in this area have become more and more sophiscated. Different financial intermediaries having tremendous potential to influence investors to pool their money in these areas have sprang up. Hence moulding of necessary man power to handle this intricate area is a need of present day world economy. The first Phase of the DRS-SAP-I programme on Corporate Governance and Securities Law of the School of legal Studies focused on developing necessary man power in handling intricate areas of Corporate Governance and Securities Law. Phase I was implemented during the period 2011 to 2016. On the successful completion of the first phase, UGC sanctioned the Phase II of UGC SAP for a further period of five years from 1/4/2018 to 31/3/2013.

The second phase will be focusing more on research and extension programmes. Apart from running academic programmes on core area, seminars and workshops would be organised to disseminate knowledge generated from research. It is also proposed to establish linkages with other research organizations in the area like Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs, National Institute for Securities Markets and so on.

Coordinator of Programme : Dr. P.S.Seema, (Director, SLS)

Deputy Coordinator : Dr. Preetha. S.,(Assistant Professor, SLS)

Project Fellow : Mrs. Shruthi Manohar.

Inaugural Function: Phase –II

The inaugural function of UGC-SAP DRS-Phase-II was held on 1stAugust 2018. The programme was inaugurated by Prof. (Dr.) J. Letha, Honourable Vice Chancellor, CUSAT and was followed by a special lecture on “Ethical Aspects of Corporate Governance” by Mrs. Sareena. P.U, Assistant General Manager, Securities and Exchange Board of India, Cochin.

Upcoming events

National Seminar, January 2019

Securities Market Awareness Programme, February 2019.