School Of Legal Studies

One of the oldest law schools in India, School of Legal Studies was established in the year 1962 as a part of Kerala University, offering post graduate courses and research in law. The Law School joined the folds of University of Cochin, in the year 1971, which was later reorganized and renamed as Cochin University of Science and Technology in 1986 for the promotion of graduate, post graduate studies and advanced research in various fields. Over the decades since its inception, the Law School has blossomed in to one of the top institutions among law schools engaged in teaching and research in India. Perhaps the best testimony to the success of this experiment is the presence of SLS alumni as professors and academicians in top law schools in India and the Supreme Court of India. The versatility and quality of the skills of SLS graduates are evident from having its graduates at helm of Indian judiciary as Justices of various High Courts in India. The success that SLS students have met with over the past 49 years bears testimony to their caliber. Having groomed teachers and scholars apart from lawyers and judges for four decades, SLS has entered yet another era of producing graduates skilled and versatile in working with corporate houses, consulting firms, Public Sector Undertakings, SEBI Government bodies, NGOs and judicial clerkship.

Director's Message

Liberalization and Globalization have opened a floodgate for legal professionals in diverse areas of intellectual activities which has acquired a real manifestation rather than mere words in the legal corridors. Intellectual Property Rights and Human Rights have attained a predominant stand in today's world. In this context, the initiative taken by the School of Legal Studies to introduce the outgoing batches of LL.B. and LL.M. students to the new and highly attractive career opportunities and polishing their talents by providing them experience in practical arena is comment worthy. Law department has been one of the oldest departments in Cusat which was established under the leadership of Prof. A.T. Markose and the department still stands upholding the ideologies and visions of Prof. A.T. Markose. I'm convinced that with the support of my staff and students we can lead this institution to greater heights.


School of Legal Studies follows semester system which combines a rigorous academic schedule with ample opportunities for internships and training programmes. Each academic year consists of two semesters, one starting in July and other in December. A credit system is followed, where each course is assigned a certain number of credits, depending upon the lectures. Legal education classes and weekly seminar hours in a semester. The course structure facilitates an opportunity to explore various aspects of law.

Rhetoric, Research and Profession

Recognizing the importance of rhetoric, research and drafting skills in the legal profession, the SLS curriculum requires each student to undertake research papers and dissertations. The research papers and dissertations are supplemented by compulsory presentation and discussion session including viva voce.